In consideration of the participation of my child (or, if applicable, minor for whom I am the legal guardian, or for adult programs, myself) (the “Participant”) in basketball events and programs organized by Edgemont Travel Basketball Inc. d/b/a Edgemont Hoops (including, but not limited to, private training sessions, clinics, open gyms, team practices and games, and related programs and events) (the “Program”) for the 2023-24 season, I hereby:

1) Acknowledge that accidents, injuries, and illness (including permanent disability, paralysis, communicable diseases, and death) are possible in youth basketball even with the existence of oversight, rules, equipment, and personal discipline;

2) Voluntarily permit the Participant to participate in the Program;

3) Agree that the Participant is in reasonable health and is capable of safe participation in the Program;

4) Agree to remove the Participant from participation in the Program if I become concerned about the Participant’s physical condition or overall readiness for participation in the Program;

5) Assume all risks and hazards with respect to the Participant associated with her or his participation in the Program;

6) To the fullest extent permitted by law, release and hold harmless all Program participants, including (without limitation) directors, officers, employees, coaches, trainers, and other participants (in each case, whether paid or volunteer) (each, a “Program Participant”) from and against any and all liability and from and against any and all actions or claims that I or the Participant now or hereafter have or may have for damage or injury to the Participant, or to any person or property, resulting from the Participant’s participation in the Program, whether caused by the actual or alleged negligence or other actual or alleged acts or omissions of any Program Participant;

7) Authorize the use and publication of photographs and videos of the Participant and the use and publication of the name of the Participant, in each case, to demonstrate the Participant’s participation in the Program and for the sole purpose of promoting, on a not-for-profit basis, the Program;

8) Acknowledge that the Program Participants have sole discretion to permit or not permit, for any reason and at any time, the Participant to participate in the Program;

9) Acknowledge that the Program may not be able to offer refunds;

10) Acknowledge that it is my responsibility, and not the responsibility of any Program Participant, to escort the Participant on-time at the event locations to and from the basketball court itself;

11) Knowingly and freely assume all medical costs associated with the Participant’s participation in the Program; and

12) Agree to promptly notify the Program administration of any actual or alleged inappropriate behavior by any Program Participant of which I become aware.

This Acknowledgment and Release, the terms of which I fully understand and have agreed to voluntarily, will be effective on the date that is the earlier to occur of the Participant’s participation in the Program and the date of online registration and will continue for as long as the Participant participates in the Program. All rights, obligations, releases and acknowledgments herein will be governed by the laws of the State of New York and survive indefinitely. This Acknowledgment and Release is binding on a) the Parent or Guardian who executes this document or affirms its terms (in writing or electronically), and b) any other parent or legal guardian of the Participant.