The Edgemont 7th-grade Dunking Divas, coming off an 11-6 season last year, have high expectations for 2017-18. Returning Head Coach Dave Scagnelli has been working on a motion offense and developing a strong man-to-man defense featuring ball pressure and weak-side help. The Divas are also learning a 1-2-2 full-court zone press.

Today, the girls moved the ball nicely in the first half to give themselves great scoring opportunities, but had trouble converting the chances into points. Only up 10-7 at the break on their home floor, returning Coach Scagnelli looked to increase defensive pressure at the start of the 3rd quarter. The Divas responded with a second-half onslaught and ultimately ran away with the contest, winning 27-12.

Said Dunking Diva Madison Frain, who had a number of strong drives to the cup: “It was the perfect way to start the season. Our man-to-man defense definitely challenged the other team.” Gabriella O’Reilly created havoc which led to numerous steals and transition buckets; Julia Hu, Sidney Burak, and Kaitlyn Kane took care of the ball; and Anisha Rao and Jordan Ellenberg crashed the offensive boards and scored in the post.

The Divas will break for Thanksgiving and then return to action on December 2nd vs. a tough Mamaroneck team.