Welcome to the 2022-23 information page for 8th-grade Edgemont boys travel basketball. Please review these FAQs:

WHERE AND WHEN ARE TRYOUTS? Tryouts will be held in the Greenville old gym on Monday, October 17th and Wednesday, October 19th, from 7:45p – 9:00p.

DOES MY SON HAVE TO ATTEND BOTH TRYOUTS? No. Only one is required, but we recommend attending both.

IS THERE A TRYOUT FEE? Yes. Please VENMO $20 to @Edgemont-Hoops or bring cash or a check to the tryout. It covers both sessions. Click here to register.

WHEN WILL REGULAR PRACTICES BEGIN? Regular practices will run on a Monday/Wednesday schedule beginning Monday, October 24th, and continuing through the winter. There will be additional practices and workouts from time-to-time on other days (pending coach and gym availability). Click here or see below for the projected practice schedule.

WHO WILL COACH THE TEAM? The 8th-grade boys team will be coached by Brian Riley. He will be assisted by Ryan Lobban.

IF MY CHILD PLAYED TRAVEL LAST YEAR, WILL HE/SHE AUTOMATICALLY MAKE THE TEAM THIS YEAR? No. Each season starts with a “clean slate” for all players. No spots are guaranteed.

WHAT CRITERIA ARE EMPLOYED TO SELECT PLAYERS? Deciding who should make the team is not an exact science. The evaluators will consider skill level, conditioning, position, basketball IQ, hustle, athleticism, coachability, selflessness, enthusiasm, attitude, sportsmanship, body language, and overall potential to contribute.

HOW MANY PLAYERS WILL MAKE EACH TRAVEL TEAM? Edgemont travel teams typically carry between 10 and 12 players.


WILL THERE BE OTHER BASKETBALL OPPORTUNITIES IF MY CHILD CAN’T DO TRAVEL BASKETBALL OR DOESN’T MAKE THE TEAM? Yes. Edgemont Hoops typically runs supervised open gym basketball throughout the school year and EHS has a modified program for 7th and 8th-graders. There are also a number of for-profit programs in the immediate area.

WHEN AND WHERE ARE GAMES? A standard travel season consists of ~14 regular-season games plus playoffs and scrimmages. Most games are on weekends but some are on weeknights. Travel practices and games will not conflict with Edgemont Recreation practices and games. Home games are played primarily at EHS. Away games are rarely more than a 30-minute drive from Edgemont.

WHEN WILL WE KNOW THE GAME SCHEDULE? Not until the first week of November. Opening weekend is typically the weekend before Thanksgiving. The regular season concludes in mid-February just before winter break. Playoffs commence after winter break and can continue to mid-March if teams advance.

HOW BIG IS THE TRAVEL COMMITMENT? The travel program requires a significant commitment. At some points during the season, travel players will have 4 or 5 events per week. This level of commitment is necessary for players to build good habits, understand team philosophies and systems, memorize sets and plays, and develop chemistry with their teammates. Before registering for tryouts, please make sure your child is able to prioritize travel basketball over other winter sports and activities. Please do not accept a spot on an Edgemont travel team if you intend for your child to prioritize another winter sport or activity.

HOW MUCH DOES A TRAVEL SEASON COST AND WHAT DOES IT COVER? Season fees are typically in the $750 – $800 range, but can vary by team depending on roster size and number of team events. 

HOW MANY BASKETBALL EVENTS DOES THE FEE INCLUDE? There are typically 45-50 on-court events (practices, skills training sessions, scrimmages, and games) over the course of an Edgemont travel season.

IS FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE? Yes. No child will be prevented from playing due to financial hardship. If assistance is required, please e-mail the program administrator. All discussions will be kept confidential.


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