Will there be a travel hoops season?

We hope so and are planning in anticipation of one. Please note, however, that all plans are subject to school district gym availability.

When will the season start?

The first 8th-grade boys tryout is scheduled for October 13th. See below for the full (projected) tryout and practice schedule.

Who will coach the 8th-graders?

Brian Davis will coach the 8th-grade team. Brian is a teacher at EHS and was our 7th-grade travel coach in 2019-20 (his 3rd consecutive year with that group).

Will there be two teams again?

No. We will only have a single (A) 8th-grade team playing in a competitive division.

Will there be basketball playing opportunities for boys who don’t make the travel team?

Yes. Assuming gym access, we are planning 1) a recreational league for grades 7/8 that will run from mid-November through February; and 2) supervised gym time for semi-organized pickup games throughout the school year.

How much will the team practice?

See below. The team will practice 2x/week initially for 75 mins each on a Monday/Wednesday schedule, dropping to 1x in early December when daily modified practices begin.

Can my son play travel and modified?

Yes. Travel events will not conflict with modified events. However, both programs could have events on the same weekday/weeknight.

When does modified start?

It usually starts the Monday before or the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Can my son play travel and JV?

Yes, but because the JV team practices 2 hours/day every weekday (sometimes from 6-8pm), it may be difficult to attend travel practices once the JV season starts in early November. However, there are unlikely to be any game conflicts between JV and travel.

When does JV start?

It usually starts the first or second week of November.

Can my son play travel and fall/winter AAU?

Yes, provided that travel is prioritized in the event of a conflict.

Can we get in the gyms before school starts?

Edgemont Hoops is not planning to request summer gym access.

Can we get in the gyms before the mid-October travel tryouts?

We’re hoping we can gain access beginning the week of September 20 for possible open gym / pre-season skills sessions.

I am new to travel basketball. How can I learn more about it?

Please click here for program background.