The Edgemont Hoops nonprofit organization is governed by a Board of Directors, profiled below:

NATHANIEL J. LEWIS, Vice President. Nate Lewis is a senior at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine where he majors in Philosophy and is Vice President of the club basketball team. 

Nate played Edgemont Rec, travel, modified, JV, and varsity. On varsity, he was team MVP, All-League, and All-Conference Honorable Mention for the 2018-19 season. 

Nate spent numerous summers as a counselor at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club. He was appointed to the Edgemont Hoops board in 2022 and also serves as Vice President.

Nate periodically offers private basketball training to Edgemont youth players. Though only 5’8”, he has experience training both guards and post players. In his youth, he played down-low, but when the growth spurt he was promised never came, he transitioned to the perimeter. 

Nate’s proudest accomplishments include making left-handed layups, occasionally touching the rim, and beating his brother in 1-on-1.

SAMUEL J. LEWIS, Secretary/Treasurer. A scrappy point guard known for his entry passes and antiquated fakes, Sam is an original Edgemont Hoops board member (2020) and was elected Secretary/Treasurer in June 2022.

Sam is an alumnus of Edgemont’s rec, travel, modified, JV, and varsity basketball programs. He played for the EHS JV squad for the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons. He played varsity during the 2013-14 season under the inimitable Coach Joe Galgano. 

Sam Lewis and Nick Petrilli run a textbook “2-man game”

During one college summer working as a counselor at Camp Winnebago in Maine, Sam coached teams to an overall 0–6 intercamp record despite a maniacal focus on fundamentals during practices.

After graduating from EHS, Sam attended Bowdoin College, where his intramural team the “Bowdoin State Warriors” won the league his senior year. While attending the University of Cambridge for master’s programs in history and philosophy, Sam spent two seasons riding the bench for the Cambridge Lions under legendary Serbian coach Nebojša Radić. Sam was also the team’s official blogger.

Sam Lewis played for the Cambridge Lions club team

Now a 2L at the Harvard Law School, Sam exhibits the Edgemont Hoops spirit during pickup games at Hemenway Gymnasium.

Sam maintains that he has never lost to his brother in 1-on-1.

JONATHAN A. LEWIS, President. An Edgemont resident since 2001, Jon is a self-described community basketball activist and terminal gym rat. He is the President of Edgemont Hoops and also a member of the Board of Directors.

Jon Lewis played alongside future Hall-of-Famer Grant Hill for the South Lakes HS Seahawks (Reston, VA) in 1986-87
Jon Lewis, front row left, was a member of “Stupid Nice,” Northwestern University’s 1990-91 5’9″ and under league championship team

Jon is an active member of Edgemont basketball culture. In addition to organizing and playing in pickup games, he has coached all four of his own children in various recreational, travel, intramural, and AAU programs.

On most days, Jon may be found on an Edgemont basketball court teaching an up-and-coming player proper layup footwork.

Jon received the Edgemont Community Council’s Silver Bowl Award in 2017 in part for his community basketball organizing efforts.

ABIGAIL J. LEWIS, Intern. Abigail is an Edgemont Hoops intern and member of the Junior Board of Directors, which is completely made up and has no official standing (legal or otherwise). She assists the Edgemont Hoops organization in a variety of capacities, including scorekeeping, content creation, and chairstacking.

Abigail is also a major contributor to the Tri-County Basketball League’s annual post-season playoff tournament.