BY JULIAN DARVICHE, Edgemont High School. The “Dunkin’ Jelly Donuts” wake up every morning, finish twelve sets at the weight room, knock out the hard studying in school, then come back and put up a hundred free throws each at the gym. It has clearly payed off because they are the Edgemont Recreation Basketball team of the month. These girls, coached by Ori Boyum and Mike Darviche, are undefeated and are putting the “Dunkin” in their name.

I’m warning you now of their size and athleticism which supports their brick defense and their efficient rebounding. They have a way of really sharing the ball and getting everyone involved. Their 2-3 zone has been of the most success for them, but I’d watch out for the guards at the top of the zone to trap and make ballhandlers uncomfortable.

They have inklings of a Jim Boeheim, Syracuse team that has mastered the 2-3. I got the chance to catch up with center Madeline Darviche after a game and she exclaimed:  “we go as hard as we can in the beginning and then we let the third graders make all their shots. In our next games, instead of getting the ball and shooting right away, we should pass it around.” The team has been efficient with the scoring too, beating teams consistently by double digits.

What I’ve noticed, however, which stands out from other great teams, is their tenacious mentality. They are diving on the ball in game and in practice but will giggle and have fun doing it which I think drives their internal team chemistry. The team returned four fourth graders from last year and have been able to build on that experience by working well as a unit. “More importantly, they [the team] made a point to include its new members this year from the very beginning” according to coach Boyum.

It’s hard to remain humble, but they are able to stay comfortable in front of the media and maintain consistent sportsmanship. I think they stack up against the Golden State Warriors fairly well and I’m excited for that potential Finals matchup. Congrats to our Edgemont Rec team of the month. Keep up the good work!