The mission of Edgemont Hoops is to develop a community basketball culture and facilitate opportunities for Edgemont children to learn and play the game. Please click here and explore the site to learn more about our travel teams, clinics, supervised open gyms, and other basketball activities. Be sure to check back frequently for updates, including announcements of new programs. If you have any questions at all about Edgemont youth basketball, contact Jon Lewis.


Isiah Thomas on why Lakers and Celtics were successful year after year in the 1980s: “Those teams were loaded with talented players, yes, but that’s not the only reason they won. They won because they liked each other, knew their roles, ignored statistics, and valued winning over everything else. They won because their best players sacrificed to make everyone else happy. They won as long as everyone remained on the same page.”

Isiah on the eventual success of the Pistons: “Lots of times, on our team, you can’t tell who the best player in the game was. ‘Cause everybody did something good. That’s what makes us so good. The other team has to worry about stopping 8 or 9 people instead of 2 or 3. It’s the only way to win. That’s the way the game was invented.” (As told to Bill Simmons.)


Edgemont varsity girls defeat Brewster by 1 point (01/23/20)
George “Iceman” Zhan hits the gamewinner in OT against archrival Ardsley!
Lochlann “Big Punisher” Geraghty to the bucket (01/11/20)
PG Brandon Gibbons cooks Ardsley for 24 (01/12/20)
6th-grade boys lose close dogfight with Yorktown (01/12/20)
JV boys are undefeated heading into 2020

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